What is a Speedball?

What is a speedball? For those unfamiliar with many of the slang drug terms, Speedball is a mixture of cocaine and heroin. Many might wonder, what is a speedball? Having an understanding of what a speedball is can help understand the complete facts when it comes to cocaine and heroin usage and the dangers of this combination.


The dangerous combination of cocaine and heroin is what creates the drug combination of a speedball. Often times the rush received from a speedball is enough to kill the user immediately, even if they have used the drugs independently of each other before. In addition to the risk one takes with their life when they do this dangerous combination of drugs, they are also likely to develop a strong addiction to both drugs if they haven't already. Another huge problem with doing a speedball is that the addiction becomes so severe that the drug user is left with tons of different and dangerous withdrawal symptoms if they ever decide to try and quit doing the drug. In order to quit both cocaine and heroin, the drug users is looking at having to attend a complete rehabilitation clinic just to get clean. 

What is a Speedball?

A speedball, otherwise known as powerballing, is a drug term used to the often-toxic combination of heroin or morphine and cocaine taken together at the same time intravenously. The speedball is also often taken through insufflating. Speedballs can also be created with the combination of pharmaceutical opioids. Because this is such a strong combination of drugs, a heavy physical dependence often occurs to the user. Opiates and cocaine are often considered two of the most addictive substances. Pair those two together and you are likely to be both mentally and physically addicted to both drugs. Not only is the user now addicted to both drugs, but the user is also addicted to being able to do both drugs at the same time. This can be a frightening reality for someone even if they have only done the drugs a few times. The addictive effects of these drugs are quick and effective. It can be extremely difficult to end your usage of speedballs, cocaine and heroine or other opioids. 

How Does a Speedball Work?

A speedball works because the cocaine interacts with the heroin as a type of stimulant. On the other hand, the heroin is more like the depressant, providing the user with two opposite reactions. This type of co-administration through the speedball is designed to provide the drug user with an intense rush of euphoria. Both of these drugs, when used independently, react in a form of a rush on the central nervous system. The idea of the two opposite reactions is intended to have them cancel each other out, leaving the user with a perfect state of euphoria. However, there are many negative side effects that can occur when this dangerous combination is made and then ingested or injected into the user. In most cases, it provides the user with a state of confusion, incoherence, blurred vision, stupor and drowsiness. It can also result in uncontrolled and uncoordinated motor skills. In some situations a speedball causes excessive arousal and death. Some of other serious side effects that result include severe paranoia, delusions as well as intense depression or hallucinations. 

Because the effects of cocaine wear off more quickly that the effects of heroin, a dangerous and even lethal situation can result. Fatal respiratory depression may occur when the cocaine wears off the system leaving the drug user with the full effects of the heroin or morphine. This can cause death just minutes after doing the drug. 

In addition to the increased risk of death when doing a speedball, users should also be cautious of the very-addictive combination of a speedball. Getting professional help through a rehabilitation center is truly the only way a drug user can get the help they need to get off cocaine and heroin. Speedballs are often the result of overdose for many drug users each year. In fact, many celebrities have been known to be able to attribute their death to doing speedballs including Chris Farley, John Belushi, River Phoenix and many more.  

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