Legal Cocaine

Many drug users are looking into a fairly new designer drug, legal cocaine or bath salts. The drug has many names and gives the user a high akin to the effect received with cocaine or meth. However, lawmakers are working to see legal cocaine and similar drugs made illegal.


Bath salts, legal cocaine, herbal cocaine and other similar designer drugs are becoming more and more popular because they are so easy to get. In many areas, they are still legal and easy to purchase in some smoke shops and online. However, the Drug Enforcement Agency has labeled legal cocaine and other similar drugs as a drug of concern. The drugs are also designed to be extremely difficult to test for in routine drug testing, which heightens its appeal among drug users. However, there have been many reported instances of poisonous effects like chest pain, heart attack, stroke and many psychological symptoms. These drugs are also found to be highly addictive, according to drug researchers. 

The effects of legal cocaine and bath salts:

Many drug users and sellers are becoming proponents of this new drug because of its affordable pricing compared with the real version of the drug. They are also advocating use of legal cocaine because in many areas, bath salts are still legal. However, many states are choosing to do away with the legality of the drug since there have been so many deaths and harmful incidents reported with the drug use. The chemicals in the drugs are not as safe as the seller would like you to believe. They cause hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rate and suicidal thoughts. Reportedly, one man got high on the bath salts and then used a skinning knife to slit his face and stomach repeatedly, according to a recent article in the Washington Post. Instances like this are reasons why states are taking action and banning the sale of the drug within the state making it difficult for smoke shops to sell the drug. 

The future of legal cocaine, bath salts and other similar designer drugs:

There are more and more states looking to take actions to prohibit the sale and usage of these designer drugs. The federal government is also taking a look at what to do about the drug including the possibility of making it a schedule one drug. This definition means the drug has no medicinal value and has a high potential for abuse. This action could possibly define the drugs as illegal for purchase, sale and possession. 

Designer drug use:

The use of legal cocaine or herbal cocaine can be a dangerous temptation for those former drug addicts of drugs like cocaine and meth. They may discover how easy it can be to get legal cocaine and how it can give you similar effects. The downside to this situation is that it is also difficult to determine whether or not a person has smoked the drug because there is limited testing capabilities. It is not a good idea for a drug addict who is working toward recovery to try bath salts, legal cocaine, etc. This can only fuel the desire to go back and continue to use the non-synthetic version of cocaine and meth. It also might mean they will begin to see the negative side effects of using legal cocaine including heart attack and stroke. 

Treatment options:

Like addiction of any other kind of substance, it is important to seek treatment quickly for drug addiction like this. Because the synthetic drugs are highly addictive, it can be more difficult to catch the addiction early on. The best treatment options include support groups like Narcotics Anonymous. Some people do better with recovery when they have friends and supporters that understand what they are going through to help get them through the addiction. Others might do better with one-on-one therapy options to help treat their addiction. Others might do best with a combination of support groups and individual therapy. It is important if you or someone you know is addicted to synthetic drugs to seek treatment as early as possible to help prevent the addiction from getting worse or even more dangerous. Because there are so many negative side effects associated with bath salts, legal cocaine and other synthetic drugs, it is also important for parents to talk to their teens about the potential of seeing these drugs more and more in social settings. Be sure they understand while they might still be considered a "legal" substance, they are still dangerous and can cause severe emotional and psychological trauma as well as physical damage if taken. 


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